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Box | Bitter Cider | 6 units of 750 mL

Box | Bitter Cider | 6 units of 750 mL

R$948.00 Regular Price
R$474.00Sale Price

Natural Dried Apple Cider - Bitter /Natural Dry Bitter Cider


This terroir cider has a natural and unique bitterness. Perfect complexity to pair with spicy, acidic and unctuous dishes, or to enjoy on its own. High-quality organic apples are the fruit of the thermal range and favorable soils of Serra Catarinense.


Contains: 6 units of 750 mL
Alcohol content: 8% ABV
Serve between 6°C and 8°C | Serve in glasses
Ingredients: Organic Fuji Apples, INS 220
May contain traces of natural fruit residue at the bottom of the bottle

Once opened, consume immediately

MAPA registration: SC 002861-4.000019

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